Monday, 27 May 2013

How to add,remove,edit users in UNIX.

To check a user:

id -a psoft

Creating a User Account:

To create a User:

 useradd –d /export/home/oracle –m -g dba -s /bin/sh oracle

where 'oracle' is the user

Option -Description -Value
------------- -------------------- --------------------
-d -Home for the Oracle user -/export/home/oracle
-m -For making directory
-g -Primary Group dba
-s -Default Shell for the User -/bin/sh
Login -Name -Oracle

To modify a User:

For example: To Comment the user and assign secondary group to the user

 usermod -c "Owner of the Oracle Software 10g" -G oinstall oracle

Note: In the above command
Option -Description -Value
------------- -------------------- --------------------
-c -Comment -->"Owner of the Oracle Software"
-G -secondary Group--> oinstall

To set a password:

 passwd -r files oracle
New Password: XXXXXXXX
Re-enter new Password: XXXXXXXX
passwd: password successfully changed for oracle

Note: Where XXXXXXXX is the new password for oracle User.

To remove a user:

 userdel -r oracle

Note: The "-r" option is used to remove the user's home directory from the system.

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