Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How to resolve blocked ports issue in chrome and firefox.

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Many a times we have found that after configuring the http port for our PIA, when we try to open the site through browsers like chrome and firefox, the PeopleSoft URL does not open up.
I faced these issues and the following steps can be taken to resolve the issue:--

In chrome :--
Add the following commands in the target location address of the desktop shortcut


In firefox :--
By default Firefox has some ports blocked to prevent exploits to vulnerable services. This proves problematic if you have a PeopleSoft site that uses one of these ports. For example, port 6000 is blocked because X11 uses it, but if you had a PeopleSoft PIA HTTP server on port 6000 Firefox would block your access.

To unblock a port in Firefox goto about :config in the address bar.

Look for the following key :

If the key isn’t present you need to create it. Right-click in the about :config window. You’ll want to click New and the String.

Give it the name of :

Give it the value of the port you want to allow such as 6000. If you want to unblock more than one port use a comma to separate the ports.

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