Monday, 24 February 2014

Various modifications and observations on Oracle VM box installations

> There are 4 users used for the whole setup of PeopleSoft environment psadm1,psadm2,psadm3 and oracle.

> The TNSNAMES.ora gets configured on port 1522, 1523 ports.

> Listener by default is not running and needs to be configured on 1521.

> The tns entry has to be modified by setting SERVICE_NAME by combining the parameters DB_NAME.DB_DOMAIN.

> Make sure to check the host name from /etc/hosts.

> Make TNS_ADMIN entry in the bash_profiles of all the users (psadm1,psadm2,psadm3,oracle)

> Blank out all the entries of listener in the parameters.

> Add the psadm2 user to the dba group for booting up the appserver domains.