Saturday, 29 March 2014

RUNNING SQR on Linux/Unix OS installed on Cloud

During my recent PeopleSoft Installation on Cloud, I have experienced lot of latency issues while communicating to the database hosted on AWS from my local machine.

For Example dddaudit.sqr ran for almost 2 hours and it completed just 10 percent.

Sp it is best advisable to run all the application engines,SQR reports from the console by taking putty or SSH session of the database server..

below is the command for running the SQR:--

[/pshome] sqr $PS_HOME/sqr/setspace.sqr sysadm/XXXXXX@TESTDB -o$PS_HOME/setspace.out -i$PS_HOME/sqr/ -ZIF$PS_HOME/sqr/pssqr.unx "-f$PS_HOME/setspace.pdf" -printer:pd ORACLEDB 689 PS 

-o--> the output of the SQR file
-i--> the input directory where SQR is kept.
-ZIF--> the sqr initialization parameter file
-f--> ther eport output in the pdf format

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