Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Manual configuration of DHCP in Peoplesoft Image installation

With 9.2 release of PeopleSoft applications, the image installations have  become an important part of any PeopleSoft system on 9.2 releases.

All who have done the PeopleSoft image installations through Oracle VirtualBox  will see one step in the image installation

I have selected 'n' to manually configure the DHCP settings as this will give you better understanding of the network adapter settings in Virtual box and how it behaves.

Before this make sure you have following settings for network in Oracle Virtualbox

This will automatically select the network adapter configured on the machine.

 Find the network configurations of the host machine where the image is going to be installed.

Open the command prompt and fire ipconfig -all
 It will show all the possible network configurations of the machine, now find the network adapter name as shown in bridged adapter setting in Virtual box.

it should have the following parameters configured

Now coming back to DHCP settings of th Virtual box ,first it will ask for Static IP.

Enter any vacant IP in the network consulting the network administrator. then it asks

enter this referring to Subnet Mask in ipconfig. then

enter this referring to Default Gateway in ipconfig.then

enter this referring to DNS Servers in ipconfig.

After all these entries the eth0 will restart with the mentioned settings, all should be OK 

Then enter the hostname at your own discretion.after this it will ask for confirmation of all the manual settings.

On pressing Y the virtual box will try to establish connection with the DNS server as mentioned this should be OK 

The DHCP settings are complete for your Image.

Wait for more updates!!