Thursday, 20 November 2014

PeopleSoft Update Manager complete Guide-Part 2

Configure PUM and Usability of PUM for Change packages

In the previous post I had configured the CA and now I will show the Update manager usability online.

Login into the PeopleSoft Image environment and follow the shown path and select "Define Package"

select the target environment and click 'next'

give the name of the change package to be created, and click 'next'

On this page the Update manager offers wide choice to create the specific change packages,

click on the radio button as suitable.

All updates not yet installed:-- This basically will create a CP with  all the updates from the Image
                                                    for the target environment.

Specific Updates:--                 This option allows to create a CP with particular bugs one want to fix.

Updates by Critera:--             This option further gives options to create a CP based on following
                                                 options   shown. Please go ahead and experiment with the options

Updates by object name:--        This options allows to create CP related to bugs of certain
                                                   PeopleSoft objects.For example lets select  object type Page and
                                                   a page name,it will   list  all the bugs related to that page.
                                                   The highlighted portion details shows the changes made in that
                                                  object specific to bug.

After the specific updates have been selected the change package is create, you can also review the
Change Package.

Coming back to the CA the change package created will be there in the drop down.Select it and click
'Apply Change Package'. The CA will start creating the customized Change.Change Package

After the change package is created, the CA asks for the Initial Upgrade and MTP options.
Click 'next' after selecting one of the option.

The CA will check for prerequisites and will show the summary then click 'Finish'.
After that the CA will up in action applying the CP in hard old fashioned way as it always does.

All your comments and queries are welcome.
Keep experimenting.


  1. hey rohan, my name is venkatesh PSDBA. Recently i have used PUM from image but i have faced an issue during the project copy as the change assistant couldn't find the network although i have given the bridge connection to OVM and was able to ping wise-versa. during my debug process i found from PIA level while using the work bench it was unable to place the project file on windows machine where my change assistant exist. So my question was did you face the issue of work bench migration or your change assistant was success without any issue....
    I completed the process by manual migration using work took long time for me...


    1. Venkatesh,
      Are you able to TNSPING the OVM database from you CA machine??
      During CA configuration I faced quite a number of issues related to network configurations, firewall settings,port blocks.YOu have to check all that mere ping doesn't suffice.
      Typically,OVM assigns itself a random IP from the network card mostly internal private IP while getting configured. Correct?? So to make it communicable to CA installed in another machine on the same network the Image has to be assigned a IP from same DNS.

  2. we need PeopleSoft admin, let me know if you have any reference, it is in Nevada. send resume to or cell#6508637582

  3. we need PeopleSoft admin, let me know if you have any reference, it is in Nevada. send resume to or cell#6508637582