Monday, 3 November 2014

UBBGEN encountered an error while configuring!

This error is a pestering one, encountered when you are creating any Application server domain.
In the latest tools versions 8.53 oracle has removed some of its executables from the setup folder.

like you had  vcredist_x64 in earlier tools versions which fixed the missing dlls files required for peoplesoft in Windows.

This error in my case was specifically due to missing dll and because of  unavailability of vcredist_x64  in 8.53 PS_HOME, its difficult to get it resolved.

** don't download any dll and copy it in the system32 folder it will not work, instead go to

You can download vcredist_x64 and fix the issue.

Please look into the following SR too (Doc ID 1541589.1)

Keep experimenting!!

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  1. I prefer not to download from the official site, as they are no longer doing good things, and only increase the number of downloads from the site. I found this . Download the file, and do his replacement. The problem is solved in no time :)