Thursday, 19 March 2015

PeopleSoft Single Signon using Interaction Hub

I know this is a old delivered functionality of PeopleSoft, but here I will be sharing it in much detail.

In my scenario I want to access HRMS and FSCM through Portal Interaction Hub (PIH), So basically one link with one time login for all the environments.

To implement SSO concept, the single most important thing that all have to understand that the PeopleSoft cookie created after signing in will be shared with all the applications, so the cookie to be shared and be able to autheticate users into different application should be able to find same configurations across all the applications.
In PeopleSoft for every application we have dedicated local_node which appears in the URL by default.

HR application                    HRMS node
FSCM application               ERP node
Portal application                 EMPL node        

For example below is the random link of PIH that appears in the browser,concentrate on the bold :--

In the similar way you can check for HR and FSCM application.

Short Tip:-Create one user across all the environments with necessary roles so that you dont face any issue related to authorization error.

Steps to be undertaken:

1.) Configure the Gateway first, 

2.) Define the Default local nodes EMPL,HRMS and ERP in  PIH,HR and FSCM respectively. Take care of two important settings.
a.) the authentication option may be set to password or certificate, I used password.
b.) on the Portal tab of any node ,the Content URI text  and Portal URI text must be set correct, it is mentioned as example how to set it.

4.)After configuring all the nodes you have to make these nodes trusted for each other.

In PIH make ERP and HRMS node as trusted.
In HR make EMPL,HRMS node as trusted.
In FSCM make EMPL and ERP node as trusted.

5.) Now login to PIH and go to  structure and Content page and traverse to

Here you will find testing links of all the applications.Open the links of FSCM and HR and configure the URL information with the trusted node names.

Now bounce the application server domain and web server domains of all the applications.
Login to PIH you will be able to traverse to FSCM and HRMS from PIH smoothly.

Throw in queries, and keep experimenting.


Monday, 9 March 2015

Email setup with TLS encryption with Peopletools 8.53

 If you are Office 365 implemented which uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption  it is mentioned categorically by oracle that 
it is not supported on PeopleTools 8.53, you need to be on PeopleTools 8.54 to use TLS encryption. There are no workarounds for this. 

Now in a specific scenario where the SMTP server is of office 365 then the only possible way ( i have tried length and breadth) to make it work with Peopletools 8.53,
 you need to setup a intermediate mail server which will understand the mail coming from Peoplesoft and relay it to Office 365 with TLS encrypion and vice sersa.