Thursday, 16 April 2015

How to import certificates in PeopleSoft.

To import the root certificate, please do the following.

1. Put this address into the Browser Address bar;

2. In the pop up window, select Save button and Save the file into local directory with this filename;


3. Double click the certificate file and go to Certification Path tab.

4. Click root certificate GeoTrust and click View Certificate button.

5. In the new certificate window, go to Details tab.

6. Click Copy to File button.

7. Click Next and select Format of

Base-64 encoded X.509(.CER).

8. Click Next and fill in a file name.

9. Click Next and then Finish.

10. Close all the windows.

Copy the c:\temp\ps\rootca.cer to <PS_HOME>\webserv\<Domain> on web server box.

11. Open the command prompt on the web server box and cd to
PS_HOME\webserv\<Domain>.If on tools release 8.49+ the path is: PS_HOME\webserv\<Domain>\bin

12. Type ‘pskeymanager – import’

13. It will prompt you for the password; type password as ‘password’ (it’s default, if you want to change it, you can type something you can remember)

14. It will prompt you for Alias

 Before this open a duplicate command prompt window and go to PS_HOME\webserv\<Domain>\bin and check for existing certificates
Type " pskemanager -list"

15. come to the previous command prompt window and Enter an alias name for the root certificate, e.g. ‘PTTEST’ or any other name (Make sure it does not already exist in your keystore) and in the next step enter the rootca file name ‘rootca.cer’ which you have copied to a file from the certificate sent by certificate provider and then click ‘Enter’

If necessary enter the file path to the certificate.

16. You will see the ‘Trust this Certificate’ prompt as shown below; type ‘yes’

17. It will complete the process and you will see ‘Certificate was added to keystore’

18. Edit file.
Peopletools>Integration Broker>Configuration>Gateways and choose the gateway. Once there click on the Gateway Setup Properties link, enter the userid and password, Click OK. Now, click on the Advanced Properties Page and locate the following code and enter the path to pskey (<PS_HOME>\webserv\<Domain> /keystore/pskey) and the password.
19. On tools release 8.50+ the password must be encrypted.
Uncomment following parameters and make sure they are correct.
secureFileKeystorePath=<path to pskey>
20. Bounce web server.
21. Again type "pskemanager -list" to see the imported certificate listed.
22. Always take the backup of the pskey before doing any import or deletion of certificates.


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  2. am getting error as below
    keytool: not found

    1. you are getting this error at which step, please elaborate