Thursday, 23 April 2015

IMAP setup in Peoplesoft

IMAP setup has become very interim in PeopleSoft to make it more user friendly for clients to have approval and reject buttons on the mail only.
Here I am going to only explain the configuration of IMAP and POP3 protocol with PeopleSoft.
I am considering as the imap server.

First of all download the certificates from by logging into gmail and import through PIA.

Then import the root certificate in the pskey, make sure to take the backup of pskey. follow the following link how to do it

how to import certificates in PeopleSoft

Then go to Peopletools>Integration Broker>Integration setup>Nodes and search for the node
Go to the connectors tab and make the configuration as shown in the below screenshot.

MCF_AttRoot:-- Give the path where the mails will be stored
MCF_Attserv:--<webserver domain>/
MCF_Password:-- the encrypted password of the id used to login into gmail
MCF_Port:-- default port on which IMAP is configured
MCF_Protocol:-- IMAP
MCF_UseSSL:-- this has to be mentioned as Y if your imap server is using SSL
MCF_User:-- the gmail user to login into gmail

After making the required entries save the page.
Go to the Main Menu>PeopleTools>MultiChannel Framework>Email>Sample Pages
Username:-- Gmail userID which was configured in the MCF_User
Password:-- password of the gmail user

Then fetch the message count, if it gives the count then the setup is complete.

Keep experimenting.


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