Wednesday, 16 December 2015

P2V(Physical to Virtual) movement with OracleASM

P2V (Physical to virtual) movement means, moving your current environments from physical stacks to Virtual stacks.

I had this task of moving the database server with ASM installed to move to virtual server created using VMware. Tasks involved are:--

1.) Creation of Virtual instance by taking the snapshot of the Physical machine w/o raw disk.
     All the raw disks for ASM mounted in Physical server will become invalid when moving to Virtual                  environment.
2.) Once the Virtual environment is created cross check all mount points and files system.
3.) Create a fresh ASM instance and start cluster services, remember the hostname assigned to Virtual               server have to be same as of Physical server.
4.) Assign new raw disks to Virtual server and slice them for ASM as per your discretion
5.) Take either cold backup by taking a downtime or RMAN backup of all the databases to be moved on a       shared mount point.
6.) Post backup map shared backup mount point to virtual server.
7.) Mapping of common backup mount point to virtual server.
8.) Creating individual Disk Groups in ASM and add multiple disks to each Disk Group.
9.) Restoration of backups on virtual server.

Just switch over the existing IP of Physical server to Virtual server and perform the sanity check after that.

!!Keep Experimenting!!