Sunday, 1 May 2016

!! AWS !! ...the next big thing

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I was thinking of writing about AWS for long time but didn't find much time , but enough of wait and excuses it's high time to equip you all with insight on AWS.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the leader Cloud service provider and by all means the next big revolution of IT world.

Over the past decade they have established themselves as a partner to the Fortune 500 and when they won the $600MM government contract to build out a datacenter for the CIA they established themselves as a highly trusted partner.
If the CIA trusts them to host their infrastructure, then why wouldn't anyone of the Fortune 500 which are the latest adopters
AWS allows you to do great things as a Solution architect, any requirement of client can be implemented in 5 or more different ways using AWS services thereby giving the clients a leverage to have tailormade solutions created which are scalable,redundant,durable and very cost effective.
Now, I can keep on writing about AWS and glorify it, but I want you all to start tinkering your minds with the word "AWS" and let me know all your queries.
 I recently got AWS certified and I must say the journey with AWS has only begun and its really exciting process of getting certified which definitely gives you the edge and opens you up to AWS world.
Let your queries regarding training and certification flow on
!!Keep Experimenting!!


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